Program on 3 SEPTEMBER 2012 was as following:
  • 0930 - 0935 "Welcome to the workshop" - Host, Mary Porter AM MLA
  • 0935 - 0940 "Introduction and overview" - Jan Phillips, Chair, Pets and Aged Care Steering Group
  • 0940 - 1000 "The case for pet-friendly planning of aged care accommodation" - Virginia Jackson
  • 1000 - 1020 "Some issues: the veterinarian's perspective" - Dr Michael Hayward
  • 1020 - 1030 Tea and Coffee
  • 1030 - 1100 "Design Considerations" - Virginia Jackson
  • 1100 - 1110 "Success stories" - Vicky Rushforth, Calvary Retirement Village and Dr Tim Adams, Petcare Information and Advisory Service
  • 1110 - 1125 "Moving Forward" - Panel discussion and questions, Chaired by Mary Porter AM MLA
  • 1125 - 1130 Wrap up and Close

Workshop Presenters

Virginia Jackson

Director - Harlock Jackson Pty

Virginia Jackson is a Director of Harlock Jackson, world leaders in animal management policy and research. Primarily, this relates to the integration of dogs and cats as pets into the urban environment. Her work on pet-friendly housing design and the integration of dogs into public open space are world firsts and have been widely published including in international peer reviewed journals. Virginia is regularly asked to speak on animal management issues at conferences and seminars around Australia and overseas. She is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Animal Management. She formerly served as a member of the Australian Veterinary Association's Committee for Companion Animals in the Community.

Virginia has over 25 years experience as a practising planner and worked in state and local government before establishing Harlock Jackson. She is passionate about finding a place for pets in the cities of the future and is the owner of a very boisterous 10 month old Labrador named Archie.

Contact Details:
Phone: (03) 9419 7477/ 0418 141 598
Website: Harlock Jackson

Dr Michael Hayward

Vet, practice founder - Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital

Dr Michael Hayward graduated in Veterinary Science in 1981 and founded and is a Director of Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital in Canberra, a nine vets plus specialist, accredited hospital. He has a particular interest in animal behaviour, animal welfare, and the human animal bond. He chaired the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee of the ACT for 7 years, and convened the Committee for Companion Animals in the Community (previously Urban Animal Management) of the Australian Veterinary Association for several years. He currently represents the Australian Veterinary Association on the Australian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee's Companion Animals Working Group

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 6242 7276
Website: Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital